Office Icons

August 16, 2010

Office Icons

Add Attachment64.png
+ More…

Cut64.png Cut Black64.png Cut Blue64.png Cut Green64.png Cut Grey64.png
Cut Grey Metallic64.png Cut Orange64.png Cut Purple64.png Cut Red64.png Cut Yellow64.png

Find64.png Find Again64.png

Insert Hyperlink64.png

New64.png New Add64.png New Edit64.png New Locked64.png New Locked (Yellow)64.png
New Remove64.png


Redo64.png Redo Black64.png Redo Blue64.png Redo Green64.png Redo Grey64.png
Redo Grey Metallic64.png Redo Orange64.png Redo Purple64.png Redo Red64.png Redo Yellow64.png

Refresh64.png Refresh Black64.png Refresh Blue64.png Refresh Green64.png Refresh Grey64.png
Refresh Grey Metallic64.png Refresh Orange64.png Refresh Purple64.png Refresh Red64.png Refresh Yellow64.png


Save64.png Save Add64.png Save Allert64.png Save Cancel64.png Save Error64.png
Save Exclamation64.png Save Forbidden64.png Save Locked64.png Save Locked (Yellow)64.png

Spell Check64.png Spell Check Alert64.png Spell Check Backward64.png Spell Check Error64.png Spell Check Forward64.png

Undo64.png Undo Black64.png Undo Blue64.png Undo Green64.png Undo Grey64.png
Undo Grey Metallic64.png Undo Orange64.png Undo Purple64.png Undo Red64.png Undo Yellow64.png


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